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    On Prommm 


  • Zi 21:25 on 2013/04/24 Permalink | Reply  

    “I would love to see Hannibal singing that song from one of those Land Before Time movies “Friends for Dinner” while cooking a meal.”

    This happened on my Tumblr dash and I thought of you.

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    Six Months 

    It isn’t all that long for a relationship, but I’m happy:)

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    This is just the best picture of Sam.

  • Comrade Timekeeper 14:41 on 2013/04/17 Permalink | Reply  

    Selective Hearing, making life interesting since 1995.

    “Fed-ex Zone”
    “Collegic [as in, collegiate] Zone”
    “Sure is a lick”
    “tithes” high and low tithes, so many tithes.
    “Sponges and enemies”

    And then the ones that I heard perfectly: “Atlantis probably has a reef.” “Because the males [Anglerfish] are pathetic.”

  • The Doctor 01:01 on 2013/04/15 Permalink | Reply  

    I posted this on the Facebook because a chart of the -theisms got me going. 

    I figured I’d clear up the definition issues lots of people seem to be having these days.
    Some people have a tendency to assume that all atheists are antitheists. Here is the (big) difference: Atheism, as a word, means without religion. The prefix ‘A’ means ‘without.’ Antitheism, as a word, means against religion. The prefix ‘Anti’ means ‘against.’ I am not an Antitheist. I am not against religion. I’m not even a strong Atheist. I’m what is called and Agnostic Atheist. The definition of this is, “A philosophical position that encompasses both atheism and agnosticism. Agnostic atheists are atheistic because they do not hold a belief in the existence of any deity and agnostic because they claim that the existence of a deity is either unknowable in principle or currently unknown in fact.” That was straight from Wikipedia, if you must know. A more specific definition is a person who holds the belief that it is impossible to know or prove the existence or nonexistence of a deity, but who personally leans toward the idea that there isn’t one. This is entirely different from a Gnostic Atheist, as a Gnostic atheist claims that there is no deity, and also claims to know for sure that there absolutely isn’t one. It is also different from an Agnostic Theist, as although they share the belief that the existence of a god cannot be proved or disproved, they, personally, lean toward there being one. Similarly, to its Atheist form, a Gnostic Theist claims to have absolute knowledge of whether there is a god. I find the Agnostic forms of each choice more philosophically agreeable.
    But! There’s more. Igtheism. The ‘Ig’ in the word derives from ‘ignorance,’ which means, in this context, that a person of this belief rejects the argument of the existence of ‘god,’ not because they have a belief either way, but because they believe that the term ‘god’ has been underdefined, and they are waiting to know what ‘god’ means before they even consider whether or not it exists.
    Now, Apatheism. I’m very fond of this one. The ‘Apa’ in the word comes from the Latin or Greek apathīa/apátheia, which stems from the word ‘apathe’, all of which mean insensibility or unfeeling. The root ‘path’ means ‘feeling,’ and ‘a’ means ‘without.’ No, this is not just a clan of people who are very apathetic toward everyday life. This is the idea that they don’t know whether there is a god, but even if they found out the answer, it wouldn’t change their moralistic or realistic outlook on life. This philosophy comes with the personally comforting notion that one’s morals stem not from an outside source, but from one’s self. This philosophy can be stretched to most beliefs, as it is merely an attitude about the source of one’s priorities. Apatheism has also been described as Pragmatic Atheism, though the philosophy is not actually restricted to Atheists. Mostly, it’s just something to think about.

    It’s important to remember that although these all frequently identify as religions, what they really are is philosophy. A philosophy, in a casual sense, is an idea, concept, or outlook, of a group of people or an individual. Philosophy aside, it makes little sense to call Atheism, a religion, because its literal meaning is ‘without religion.’ It absolutely doesn’t mean, ‘we hate God.’

    Food for thought,

    • Comrade Timekeeper 01:23 on 2013/04/15 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for this Lizzie. Now I might actually be able to explain to people what it means to be “not a religious person.”
      Of course, by the rules of the universe, nothing is ever easy. I’ll still have problems with people who think that being without religion is equivalent to rejecting their god’s “gifts” and spitting in his face…

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    A silly protected post that isn’t really personal but I’m picky. 

    This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

  • The Doctor 21:06 on 2013/04/14 Permalink | Reply  

    A U. S. Navy destroyer stops four Mexicans in a row boat rowing
    towards California .
    The Captain gets on the loud- hailer and shouts, “Ahoy, small
    craft. Where are you headed?”
    One of the Mexicans puts down his oar, stands up, and shouts,
    “We are invading the United States of America to reclaim the territory
    taken by the USA during the 1800’s.” The entire crew of the destroyer
    doubled-over in laughter.
    When the Captain is finally able to catch his breath, he gets back
    on the loud-hailer and asks, “Just the four of you?”
    The same Mexican stands up again and shouts, “No, we’re the
    last four. The rest are already there!”

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  • The Doctor 20:07 on 2013/04/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Andrew Lloyd Webberrrrr

  • The Doctor 20:06 on 2013/04/11 Permalink | Reply  

    “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera is definitely an enduring favourite.

  • The Doctor 23:27 on 2013/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    I believe this still applies.

  • The Doctor 23:25 on 2013/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    I never want Aaron ever to read my blog aloud ever again. I’ve heard it read, but never before as he read it.

    • x2aron 21:20 on 2013/04/16 Permalink | Reply

      If it’s wrong to read your blog aloud the way I do, then I don’t want to be right!

  • Liz 18:31 on 2013/04/09 Permalink | Reply  

    I think you will enjoy this, comrade.

  • The Doctor 23:55 on 2013/04/08 Permalink | Reply  

    I wonder if William ever finished ‘One and Two,’ or whatever novella it was to be a part of.

    • Liz Lovelace 18:22 on 2013/04/09 Permalink | Reply

      … I wonder.

    • william 21:58 on 2013/04/09 Permalink | Reply

      I got to the last Chapter and planned out their entire backstory to a tee, and then realised I didn’t have a satisfying medium by which to tell it. I did try, though. I did try.

    • william 22:03 on 2013/04/09 Permalink | Reply

      Now I feel really bad for not finishing it.

  • Comrade Timekeeper 10:08 on 2013/04/02 Permalink | Reply  

    “Not just immigrants, but homosexuality, the Irish, the Polish…”

    I don’t understand English teachers.

  • Sir Knight 09:55 on 2013/04/01 Permalink | Reply  

    (More …)

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